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Oct 2014

Vulcan Park Wedding | Jessica + Greg

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Vulcan Park Wedding | Jessica + Greg

As Rush Videos arrived this past weekend for the Vulcan Park wedding of Jessica and Greg, we could only stop to notice the large statue which adorns the skyline of the city and stands an amazing one hundred and eighty feet tall. The park was re-opened 10 years ago after undergoing extensive renovations which gave everything, including the statue itself, a much needed makeover. In fact, the Vulcan celebrated its 110th anniversary this year.
Upon arriving for the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, the bride and groom were already going through some of the last minute details with the wedding coordinator. Upon completion of the rehearsal, the wedding party and family were welcomed into the downstairs area of the Vulcan Park Museum to a spread of delicious Dreamland BBQ meats and sides. Of course, everyone knows about their world famous ribs, but the banana pudding was the perfect ending to a great meal. As dinner wrapped up and all of the family and friends had offered their toasts to the couple, Jessica and Greg offered several stories of their own, as well as, much gratitude to everyone for their support and love to be with them during this special time.
As we arrived for the wedding on Saturday, we admired the beautiful, lush landscape and formulated the plan for footage needed for the day. The Rush Videos team quickly started setting up our gear in anticipation of the bride’s arrival.  As cameras and tripods were being arranged, the florist was busy decorating the walkways and the archway which would serve as the backdrop to the ceremony later that day.  Rush Videos had the privilege of helping the photographers unload their equipment.  They were new to the area, and we felt it only right to extend to them that Southern hospitality Birmingham is known for.  We finished shooting footage of the incredible scenery and then quickly setup as before to capture the groom’s arrival. Although most grooms are slightly nervous on the big day, we noted that Greg appeared very calm, but excited about the day’s events to follow.
Every wedding is different and in this particular one, Jessica and Greg planned to do a “pre-meet” time just for them prior to the ceremony.  Rush Videos was there to capture the intimate moment.  Greg, the groom, stood with his back to Jessica, the bride-to-be, as she walked toward him on the walkway.  The instant she reached him, he turned toward her.  This setup is great for wedding videos, as it allows the couple to later watch and re-experience that moment when the groom sees his bride in her beautiful attire for the first time that day.  After some alone time, pictures with family, friends, and the wedding party were underway. After the last picture was taken, everyone moved inside for a period of relaxation with only an hour to go before the wedding.
Guests arrived and seats quickly filled as the violinist played. The groom, the pastor, and the best man were in place as the day’s main event unfolded. The bride’s sister, Katie, sung “Surely the presence of the Lord” while the violinist played to begin the ceremony. Not only was this an amazing performance, but it also set the tone for a picturesque outdoor wedding with clear skies and great weather. The grandparents were seated and the wedding party took their places.  The bride was escorted in by her father in a traditional wedding march fashion. The pastor welcomed everyone and the bride and groom exchanged personal vows written to each other.  Jessica talked about how Greg not only supported her, but also allowed her to follow her dreams. Greg spoke about the long runs he had gone on with Jessica in order to spend a few hours with her.  He closed by saying that he does not run as much now, but spending the rest of his life with her would be a great trade-off.  The pastor led them in the exchanging of rings and closed with the all so famous words, “You may kiss the bride” to declare them husband and wife.  The wedding party and guests then proceeded to the reception area located inside The Vulcan Park and Museum.
The following images provided courtesy of Scruggs Photography:
Once inside the food was ready and waiting.  Shrimp and grits were set to one side and a full-course, self-serve meal on the other. The DJ played music as guest entered to set the mood for what was to be an extraordinary celebration for the bride and groom.  As everyone settled in, Greg and Jessica had their first dance as husband and wife, followed by the son and mother dance, and last but not least, the father and daughter dance. Next, the dance floor opened to everyone in attendance and the party began.
After several hours of dancing and celebrating, it was time to throw the garter and bouquet.  A few last songs were played and then the guests were asked to await the bride and groom’s departure outside. Guests formed a tunnel and the parents waited on the end so they would be the last to congratulate Greg and Jessica before they left. As the bride and groom made their way through the host of friends and family, everyone cheered.  The crowed continued to cheer and wave as Greg and Jessica drove away into the night in a stylish 1936 Packard they had rented from Vintage Auto – a perfect ending to a perfect day.
 Rush Videos was honored to have Greg and Jessica’s wedding be one of two successful weddings we filmed this past weekend. Congratulations Greg and Jessica!  Thank you for allowing Rush Videos to be a part of your Vulcan Park wedding day.  May God bless you both as you start this new chapter in life.


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