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Apr 2016

Venue Versus Church Wedding

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Venue Versus Church Wedding 

After getting engaged you start planning your wedding and all that goes with it. Almost always the bride starts deciding her wedding location, venue versus church wedding. Although both have their value, let’s look at the pros and cons of each. 

Church Wedding:

Church weddings tend to have a sentimental value, a feeling of sanctity due to family ties and moral values. Other reasons for a church wedding may be the cost versus a venue. These are just a few of the positive reasons but let’s also look at why a church may limit your wedding. Most of the time, churches only allow you to be on the property a few hours prior to the wedding and after. This can be a hinderance if the wedding party is large and needs hair plus makeup time. Secondly, if the bride and groom choose not to see each other prior to the wedding, then pictures will definitely be after the wedding in the sanctuary. Lastly, churches often have so many rules pertaining to vendors, that it’s hard to get the perfect shot placement for great wedding video or pictures. Make sure you get a copy of the church rules before deciding, remember the day of your wedding is not a day for misunderstanding. 

Venue Wedding:

First off, let’s just say venue weddings have become more popular and for good reason. While venues may not hold the sentimental value mentioned above, you can always have your church pastor come to the venue to perform the marriage. Venues may cost more to hold a ceremony and the reception, but generally make having everything in one location very easy. Also, you’ll find venues don’t usually concern themselves with your vendors as each are considered professional and often tend to their own responsibilities. This reason alone allows your vendors to be more creative, highly efficient and most importantly very focused on your wedding day. A wedding venue usually has the option for an indoor or outdoor wedding, with a plan for inclement weather to support either. 

Final words, make sure you know the rules and limitations whether you decide to have a venue versus church wedding. There should be a contract that details your responsibilities and that of the vendors. Just remember, it is your wedding day and it should be all you have ever dreamed of. We hope this blog post helps you with the location of your wedding, for all wedding videography needs contact us at Rush Videos

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