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Aug 2015

Tannehill Park Wedding | Tara + Chris

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Tannehill Park Wedding | Tara +Chris

This first Saturday in August, Rush Videos was lucky to film the Tannehill Park Wedding for Chris and Tara. The Tannehill Ironworks is a state historic site in Tuscaloosa county near the unincorporated town of McCalla, AL. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Tannehill Furnace, it was a major supplier of iron for Confederate ordnance. Remains of the old furnaces are the central attraction of Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park and the beautiful layout draws you in as you enter.


Enough history lesson and on to the event at hand, which was the amazing wedding day of Chris & Tara. As we entered the park there was a feel of Southern charm & summer events as the area had people everywhere. Setup started at the Tannehill County Church, which was a beautiful one room historic church, set with old style wooden pews and even a rope from the ceiling to ring the bell. A sign posted in the front read, “Old Country Church 1905”.  Somehow you couldn’t help but feel taken back in time. There was a place up front where a furnace used to sit but had since been removed and replaced by a raised pulpit area. Slowly, guests started to arrive and pictures were being taken outside. The weather was wonderful and was perfect for a summer wedding day. As guests were seated the wedding party lined up outside.  The music began and the grandparents and parents were seated anticipating the bride to be. Chris and the pastor took their places at the alter area as everyone rose to the entrance to see the breathtaking bride. Tara & her father made a short walk down the aisle. Then the pastor said those four famous words,”Who gives this bride” and her father proudly responded, “Her mother and I”. As words of wisdom come from the pastor, which also performed the the wedding for Tara’s parents twenty six years ago, you see Tara and Chris smiling with a hint of nervousness and excitement as they began the wedding vows. Soon enough they exchanged wedding rings & were pronounced husband and wife. The big moment had come as the pastor said,”Chris, you may kiss your bride”. The guests cheered and clapped as the newly married couple and the wedding party made their exit.

Following the wedding the family, friends and guests were treated to a nice reception. As everyone arrived Chris & Tara were introduced in as husband & wife. Then they made their way to cut the wonderfully decorated cakes. The bride’s father blessed the food & everyone was treated to buffet style Full Moon BBQ with all the trimmings & sweet tea. Yum! As Chris & Tara finished their food, they were called to the dance floor to share the first dance as a married couple. To our surprise the grooms father grabbed his guitar & serenaded Chris & Tara with several songs as everyone in attendance enjoyed. Just when we thought that was the highlight, the Dj invited everyone to the dance floor & they were ready to dance to the music. Dj Chuck with Dijital Entertainment not only got everyone dancing but even taught the crowd a few dance moves as well.

  As all good things must come to an end, the last dance was called. Chris & Tara started it off but then invited everyone to join in. Following the last dance, everyone made their way outside as Tara threw the bouquet to all the single ladies & Chris tossed the garter to the single guys. Everyone made a tunnel for the bride & groom to exit through as bubbles filled the air.

We wish Chris and Tara the best as they begin the next chapter in their lives. Thanks for choosing Rush Videos for your Tannehill Park wedding & congratulations.

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