Sports Videography

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Coaches will tell you that live game action cannot be duplicated in practice. Are you using this valueable information to improve your team or individual performance? Rush Videos can capture your sporting event, game, tournament, or match in high-definition video so that you can review every detail to identify areas for improvement.  We offer special packages to high school sports programs that will provide state of the art audio visual equipment for your athletics department.


Don't miss the opportunity to record that once in a lifetime play in HD video. Whether you are the parent of a student athlete in pursuit of a college scholarship offer or simply want to capture highlights of your kids achievements, Rush Videos offers professional and affordable services to capture every moment of the action. Our video editing team will take full advantage of every opportunity to highlight the best plays, moves, and action sequences available.


  • Quality, Quality, Quality...Did we say Quality?

    Yes, it is worthy of repeating the same word three times. Professional grade high-definition video cameras can capture much more detail than most consumer level video recording devices.

  • Fast and Reliable Service

    Unlike volunteer services, a professional videographer is hired to perform a service for a reasonable price. At Rush Videos we are dedicated to showing up on time and well prepared to complete the job to our fullest abilities. 

  • Competitive Edge over your Competition

    More and more schools are utilizing professionals to handle their videography needs. The quality and experience that a trained video camera crew with the proper equipment provides will put you ahead of most of your competition.


Rush Videos is ready to handle all of your sports videography needs. Although we specialize in live football game coverage, our team of professional videographers also provide video services for the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccor
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling