Corporate Video Production

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Corporate Video Production in Birmingham Alabama


Rush Videos is available to assist clients in capturing high quality video and audio from any type of gathering from a small business meeting to a large business conferences. Communication is not just speaking words but it is relaying a message from one individual to another. Let us improve your communication processes by providing live video feeds for large spaces, capturing important messages to share with a broader audience, and providing technical expertise to make your presentation come to life.


By creating professional training videos for job skills, human resources policies, and industry best practice methodologies, newly hired employees will contribute faster and become less of a burden on your existing employees. Human Resources themed videos pertaining to company policy and ethics are also becoming more commonplace. They provide a consistent communication method so every employee is provided key information about guidelines and behavior and provides the employer with legal protections.


  • Cost Effective versus Traditional Training Methods

    Producing consistent training material that can be captured on video provide an easy introduction to new employees or existing employees moving to a new position. By utilizing video, the information is recorded once and can be watched over and over by as many employees as needed. This reduces the need to hire dedicated trainers or reduce other employees productivity in order to train a new hire.

  • Reduction in Travel Expenses

    Add to your bottom line by reducing unnecessary business related travel expenses related to annual meetings, management meetings, seminars, presentations, and general staff meetings by bringing the message to your team rather than the team to your message. These events can be recorded in whole or edited for key information that can then be viewed anywhere and by anyone who would otherwise had to incur expensive travel charges to get the same message in person.

  • Enhance the Experience and Make Money

    Utilizing the most recent enhancements in technology, put on a real show for your audience! We offer live video switching with multiple cameras feeds, interactive multimedia inputs, and state of the art audio visual projectors and screens that will not only provide a captivating way to spread your message but also provide ready to duplicate master presentation that can be duplicated on the spot to generate revenue opportunities.


A healthy business adds more jobs to the economy, gives back to the community, and requires services from a company like ours. It is in our best interest to see your organization succeed and grow! Here are just a few of the corporate video production services we offer:

  • Business Conferences
  • Presentations
  • Industry Trade Shows and Expos
  • Nonprofit or Charity Campaigns
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Corporate Branding
  • Human Resources Compliance
  • Training and Tutorials